Catch-up 2

Nearly up to date.

I made this before last Christmas from stash and,  before I had a chance to see if  a poncho would suit me, Rachel had "borrowed" it!  It looked really nice on her and I don't mind because she has worn it lots.

#crochet #poncho

And a close up -
My first try at #surface #crochet to add #embellishment to my striped #poncho

The diagonal silver and gold lines are my first attempts at embellishing with surface  crochet. It is like lots of things, difficult to get started but once I had it was quite intuitive and I was very pleased with the result.

Afghan Blanket
#Afghan #CrochetBlanket


The colour is more accurate in the second picture.

I used Drops Alpaca dk with a  3.75mm hook.

 It has a central 7inch granny square surrounded by 12 smaller squares, several granny rows and 28 more squares a bit bigger and then about 12 more granny rows and is  based on the Wendy Blanket and Franney's Blanket on ctny. And quite a lot of the squares were a slightly modified "Smooth Fox online angels charity square number 1" found via ravelry.  This blanket is for me!

Here are three more Granny blankets - basic traditional Grannies this time and all three of them were gifted at Christmas time.

Three more #Granny #blankets

This is a composite showing stitch and yarn details and  includes the one  I gave to Kate.


I used yarns leftover from Colinette AbFab throws together with various sock yarns held double or treble...

And a Granny stripe blanket  made for a very special boy - my 11th grandchild born November 2012

Actually it has less pink tones than this pic and is very bright.
#crochet#blanket detail
I 'm told Ferdy is very attached to it!

#Dolly was so pleased her new #crochet #blanket was finished that she couldn't wait to get dressed or find her ribbons before bring photographed

But socks are still my most relaxing knit.

Four pairs of #handmade #knitted #circle #socks I

Four of the eight pairs of  Circle socks knitted so far.  Michael has claimed them all so far

Mabel blanket

Handmade #crochet #motif #blanket

 The pattern and most of the yarns are  from The Natural Dyestudio  - 3mm hook I think and  mainly their Bluefaced Leicester sock yarn.  It's hard to believe it is "only" wool  it is so silky and soft.

Camera Roll-555

I made 80 squares and the finished size is  34.5"x 39"

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