October 2013

Our October half term break has been really quiet with none of our family here.  After the summer, when someone was staying with us most of the time,  it has seemed strange but it gave me the opportunity to try out my newly acquired ultra-simple "skill".

 I  really enjoyed making it....so relaxing  almost more than  knitting or crochet.  It was so satisfying using up old, discarded but not worn out clothes and I love seeing pieces of my favourite  dresses and skirts preserved.

#handmade #rag #rug

  The next one will be better.  I've got a few plans for that one.

The  little cyclamen  in the wood are spreading rapidly, I'm  not sure  if it is  because of or in spite of the strange seasons -  a very cold long winter, spring so late as to be almost non-existent, hot long summer and autumn very mild.

#wildflower #clyclamen#france

And our little fig tree has made massive new growth. I never  believed it would be this good after our  severe "pruning" a year ago.

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It was lovely to see grapes still on the vine,  it s the first time in all the years we've been coming here  that  they  are still being harvested this late.

October 2013-6


Tina said...

Beautiful pictures! Especially the grapes :-)
I fust found your blog and will definitely come back to see more!

kathryn said...

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Arianwen said...

I love the rag rug. I have a Heart Rug above our bed that I made using fabrics from our wedding. It is lovely using the special bits.

kathryn said...

That is what I love best - that those special items are preserved and remembered.