June 2014 Retry

This is a bit of an experiment as I am trying the mobile blog app to see a) if I can do it and b) if it is easier.

This is my second try - the first attempt is lost in the ether...
It's not looking good.  Second try.

New Favourite Book


 This is such a lovely book to browse through as well as using the patterns. My plan is to make lots of the flowers in sock weight leftovers and attach them to a still to be made Granny Throw.

But more about that later.



 This I hope will be really useful and become a favour. Snack type food has a great appeal to me.

There have been worrying health issues over the past seven or eight months (hopefully now resolved) and sock knitting has as always been a great comfort to me.  These bed socks were all knitted in Dye Studios Angel 4ply, a Cashmere/ Silk/Alpaca mix and an absolute joy to knit with.

They are super soft and warm,  perfect bed socks and ideal Christmas presents.

And did you know that warm feet make t easier to sleep?

LaLa Scarf
It was way back in February when I found Kate Coyle's lovely LaLa Scarf in the Knit Cafe Book.  It is simple, fast and very effective.  And knitted in Rowan's Kidsilk Haze, one of my favourite yarns, a mix of super kid mohair and silk.


 And not at all scratchy or itchy as some mohair can be. In fact perfect for future Christmas presents.


I kept wondering what other colour combinations would work well and got a bit carried away - I do have a not insubstantial stash. I think I made 12, and enjoyed making each one.

Now I think its testing time.  This is the third time its been written, the second attempt on my iPad was a disaster.  Ready to post, hit the button to be met with error message saying the mobile app has had to be totally rewritten and my old version  is no  longer functional.

All rewritten now on Mac so lets see.  More news hopefully very soon.

Just a little foot note quoting  BBC Radio Four's daily programme "Thought for the Day" one day last week: "Living in peace is more important than being right"

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