Crochet and Holiday part 1

I can't resist showing you this one

I've completed 48 squares and sewn some together but any work that needed the throw - or shawl or whatever - to be spread out has had to wait because there just hasn't been room with lots of family visiting us this summer so it is something I am looking forward to working on when we return.

But I have finished the Colinette Arizona Dream kit. There were 18 shades to choose from and patterns for five designs. Oh yes, 4 crochet designs were included too. Mine is the "Whistle Wind" colour way and I made the broomstick lace knitted throw. It still needs to be embellished with tassels along the cast on and cast off edges but that can wait a while.

I love the colours and enjoyed the knitting although I had to modify the instructions for the lace row because with the increased wraps for the broomstick part the stitches just wouldn't fit on the needles and I hadn't brought any circulars with me else that would have solved the problem. What I actually did was to use a very large needle and less wraps and that gave me the extra long stitches needed while still fitting on my needl


I think the holiday pics will have to wait for next time.


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