December 2015

Christmas Spirit


This is a picture of one of the fantastic gingerbread houses Kate made for the school fair.

And here is the other

Now, How is this for a story of generosity.....

My clever daughter made these as raffle prizes at her son's school's Christmas fair to raise money for several local charities and the Christmas spirit was apparent when the winner of the cottage offered it to be auctioned there and then. Everyone had been able to have a good look at it and so there were plenty of bids.

And now another very generous act as the winner of the auction donated the house to web: www.moment-um.org - one of the fair's charities which supports children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

This charity gave the house "to a family whose 6 year old daughter had sadly died of cancer that weekend. She has a 3 year old sibling and the family were obviously concerned about making Christmas bearable for her as they hadn't been able to prepare at all in recent weeks. It's terribly sad but at least this house an bring some small happiness." Quoted from an email sent from a representative of the charity.

It is so nice to think of the generosity triggered by my daughter's gingerbread house.









Monika said...

Both Gingerbread houses are fantastic! How wonderful that it brought joy to so many people by giving and receiving!

Joan of Little Knitting Fairy said...

an unexplained happiness making others feel good during their saddest days of their lives.