After Blogsy

Blogsy really made blogging with an iapad very simple  so I was sorry to see it go and I've kept hoping it would be resurrected or something as good would appear but sadly not so,  it's back to basics  and hoping this will work.But  first I think I will find out how my friends seem to make new posts so easily.

My fingers are itching to start knitting some little doll's clothes for my grand daughters new dolly,I've found some patterns and got some wool and the pattern is nothing I haven't done before.  It seems I'm incapable of counting while I do the knit and turns needed for short rows and it so far has been repeatedly undone I almost feel nervous about restarting.

Fingers crossed.

Adding this Sunday 19th  March

Something is seriously wrong here...if the worst comes to the worst I shall start a new similarly named blog with a link to this one. And I shall do this when Ate is here. Hopefully she will have more idea than m

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