Holiday Knitting

My holiday knitting resulted in lots of unfinished projects. There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything. If I wait till I've got some finished things to show you it'll be a long time so to clarify my mind I'm going to show you the progress of my work.

These are two Noro kureyon bags both from the same skeins, shade 92. I wound out all the beige, pink and green - well most of it - to make the smaller one and they are now waiting to be felted. I know that won't take long but it needs such an act of faith on my part because I can't believe it will work even though I've done it once already.

This is the Colinette Lasso crocheted skirt. I'm ashamed to say there has been almost no progress and what is more I am having doubts about whether it will be a good fit . It looks very big so I've already started "adjusting" the pattern.

The lacy wrap cardi in ggh from Rebecca 29. Quite a long way to go with this too.

Max's tank top in RYC Cashsoft DK and Cashsoft Baby DK from Lucinda Guy's And So To Bed. I've changed the colour scheme slightly. This should be finished soon and is waiting for more of the dark greeny colour. Its lovely to knit and very soft.

Rachel's Cami -"Sundae"- in Cashsoft 4ply fromRYC Classic Holiday is nearly finished. Just needs more of the lacy edging which is easy but time consuming. And then it will need sewing in place. I'm not looking forward to that part.

I did manage to complete the 2 pairs of socks each of which was waiting for its second sock and also finished Nicole from Rowan 39. I shall wait to post all the finished things together.

I couldn't resist starting a new pair of socks. These are in Hipknits lovely pure Cashmere which as a member of their Cashmere Club was waiting for me when we got back. I'm doing them two together on one circular, a technique new to me but which I am so far enjoying. They are toe-up short row (no-wraps) toes and heels. Whether this method is faster than dpns I'm not sure because I'm not sitting at it but am flitting from one project to another. Not very relaxing.

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