Annie Blatt Disappointment

Now you wouldn't think the prospect of a trip to the Tank Museum in Saumur would wildly excite me would you? Especially when it would be my fifth visit!

Although, it is an excellent museum full of hundreds of the actual tanks used in both World Wars and there are several that children are allowed to clamber over and explore.......

No - Saumur has an Anny Blatt shop!!!! My treat was to be some serious spending on I don't know what of these gorgeous yarns.

Big disappointment when I found the shop to see it was closed for the first three weeks of August for their annual holiday. There can't be many places that close down for the main tourist season....anyway I'm hoping someone will want to go to the museum again and I'll have a second chance at wool purchase at the end of the month.

What shall I buy? I've never bought any Anny Blatt yarn.

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