Swallowtail Finished

I'm really pleased with it. I love it!!

And what a difference the blocking makes! I'm so glad I invested in blocking wires although it still took me ages to get it all stretched out.

The colour is actually more pinky than the slightly orangey-red the photo shows. It's Handmaiden Seasilk colour Berry and I used Addi Turbos 4.5mm although I later switched to Brittany 4.5 straights which I think I prefer.

Started 26 September
Finished 1 October


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I'm wondering how much time you devote to knitting. You seem to create these stunning articles so quickly, it's amazing.

kathryn said...

I spend all my spare time knitting Alice and I've cut down household chores to a minimum. Also I'm often awake very early...4am or so and instead of lying in bed trying to get back to sleep I get up and knit now.

nightowl said...

Your swallowtail shawl is so beautiful! And it looks like a nice size too. I've seen some that look very small. How many skeins of the sea silk yarn did you use and what were your finished dimensions of the shawl.

kathryn said...

Thank you nightowl. I used 4yds less than 1 skein!!

The finished size after blocking is 63" across the top, 41" down each side and 29" from centre top to the bottom point.

I did 1 extra repeat of the "budding lace 2" ie an extra 6 rows because I misread the pattern.

Lyonheart said...

Your swallowtail shawl is superb, I absolutely love it - what a gorgeous colour too.