Felted Bebbie Bliss Aran Tweed Bag

It's Kate's (DD2) birthday on Friday and her AbFab will be finished then but I had hoped to have it ready to give her when we spend this weekend in London with her. Unfortunately the last of the wool I wanted didn't arrive until Wednesday and there just hasn't been time to get it fininshed.

Here is an in-progress photo to show you the colours.

I hope she likes it as much as Rachel (DD3) liked hers.

I made this DB Aran Tweed bag with some yarn left over from my cardi. I used 6 balls and could have used less because although I'd swatched, the finished bag didn't felt as much as I'd expected so it is quite a bit bigger than I wanted. It'll still be useful though and it looks good with that pinky Boden dress that I've still not worn. It was funny because the wool actually felted very nicely - no stitch definition left etc but it just didn't shrink as much as I'd expected. Strange. But then I know felting is a fairly inexact science.

Knitting Obsession

Have you seen this little video clip from YouTube? It's called "The Last Knit". Kate sent it me....I guess that's what she thinks of me...but it's not true - I'm not that obsessional - and anyway I don't have long hair.

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Christina said...

Another lovely ab fab throw. I must make one soon. I like the felted bag too.