Chill and Lady Irmelin

Chill by Jean Moss



Knitted in Artesano Hummingbird DK 100% alpaca colour pheasant. I used 4 hanks for the size small on 4mm needles. There were one or two places where I had to stop and think about what exactly the pattern meant but I think that was my muddled-headed-ness and it fitted without any modifications. Oh - not exactly a mod but I misread the pattern and worked the main part of mine in stocking stich instead of the 12 row pattern of 11 rows st. st. and one row reverse st. st.

I think it will be really useful next winter. I hope so. Hope it's not destined to join the others that aren't quite right. Or that don't go with any other thing in my wardrobe. I can't believe how many garments I've got that I like very much for themselves but that go with nothing else... *nothing* else.....how many clothes do you need to be sure just two can be worn together? Perhaps I should stick to shades of grey...black...neutral....cream....

Here's another...
Lady Irmelin by Marita Rolin in Manos Silk Blend colour Pisces . I knitted the medium size and used 4 hanks as in the pattern and no mods.



The pattern has a button just below where I've got the icord tie. In fact I'm going to get the icords off and make two crocheted loops, one where the cord is atm and one just below, in the same place as the pattern's button placement then it will hang better.

I'm hoping this will be a useful addition to my summer wardrobe -if I can find some blue denim jeans that fit. We'll see.


clarabelle said...

Both these cardies are lovely, Kathryn! I love the colours, and think both suit you. I know what you mean about liking a particular colour, then finding it doesn't 'fit' in my wardrobe. I was really keen a while back to move towards primary colours, but I've realised that my skintone/hair colour needs something a bit more subtle!

Don't worry too much, Kathryn - your lovely knits are wonderful, whatever!

Jean said...

I can picture the first cardigan paired with chocolate, or splurge and get a gorgeous brown suede skirt to go with it, a pair of boots and a turtle neck - so sharp! The second sweater will go with so much you'll have lots of things to wear it with, on my monitor it looks like it would go with black really well.

dreamcatcher said...

Both gorgeous cardigans :-) I know what you mean about knits sometimes not matching up with the rest of your wardrobe - I have so often gone for a colour because I love it, with no thought as to what it would actually 'go' with :-) These days I find I do consider that as a factor before I buy yarn for a project.