Little Summer Scarf

I didn't really need to do anything other than follow a simple chart to make the motifs in my previous post but this scarf was slightly more complicated.


This was how it started...


With the medium sized motifs being joined together as they were made and enough separate smaller ones to make the tasselly ends as long as I wanted.

Then you crochet all along the long edge and continue down connecting the smaller ones, then back up the other side to the top dangleys. The charts are excellent.


The pattern is from the Japanese book "Pretty Colour Crochet and Knit". And you know there are so many other pretty thing to make.... I love these books - I've got four of them now!

Each motif measures about 1 1/4". I used a 3mm hook and Jaggerspun Zephyr wool-silk. Lace weight. Mine is three motifs wide instead of the patterns four and the finished size is 52"x 5".

Picture 19


The very first photo taken with a cheapo webcam under an energy efficient light bulb is the truest to life colour. Actually the second one is true too.

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