Châle Everlasting

Caronaime's Châle Everlasting was so fast it seemed almost instant. I started on July 1st and finished July 9th!! I used 85gm/360m of NDS Precious 4-ply pink/green and 82gm/ 330m of the green with a 5mm hook and a 3.75mm for the last row and it measures approximately 52"across the top and 34" vertically to the point.





I am very pleased with this - it's unbelievably soft and drapey and I'm looking forward to making another pattern by this talented designer

I did have a few teething problems with the instructions - I think some of the French translation hasn't translated exactly to the way I'm used to reading crochet patterns but the charts clarified everything and it was my own fault misinterpreting that the final row should be worked directly into the arches and not the chains of the arch.

Now, to block or not to block? I'm not sure if blocking does for crochet what it does for knitted lace , as yet it is unblocked and I love it. Will it be even better blocked?

And I'm half thinking I might add some tiny flowers here and there. Or is that gilding the lily??

I've made a few and tacked them on.


What do you think?


sallyknits said...

I love the flowers on this, it's so beautiful. Very impressive.

Marina said...

It's so beautiful!