Socks again

I still love having a pair of socks otn ready to pick up in spare moments and they are perfect for car journeys. I've not managed to crochet in the car yet, I think it might affect me like trying to read on car journeys when I would still have a queasy tummy hours after the journey is over.

These were knitted mainly during June and mainly in the car travelling to or from France. Except for Richard's socks and they were knitted mainly at home.

Muir Woods from 50 Socks,50 States (modified slightly to work toe-up and short row heel). Panda Superwash colour 2011 -Tweedy Spice. 2.5mm circular needles.

Yarnissima's Brainless, 2.75mm, NDS Angel colour Starlight. One sock is per pattern, the other with a simple short row heel. Pattern is not quite brainless because the stitch count around the heel didn't exactly work out.

Larger pair for Fearne (2 yrs), smaller pair for Millie (3 months).
PoshYarn Eva - Silk/Cashmere. 3mm needles.

For Fearne. Age 2.
PoshYarn Laura colour - Homecoming Queen.
Toe-up, 12 wraps, inc to 24sts on each needle, 4 1/2" from toe to start heel. Work heel on 24 sts and short row down to 8 unworked sts between 8 at each end.


Socks for Richard.

Posh Yarn Sophia 100% Cashmere. Colour Burns Night Feb Cashmere Club. 2.75mm circular. Toe-up with 16 wraps, inc to 32/32 then dec to 30/30 at instep. Work heel after 10 1/4" on 32/30, short row to 10/12/10.
Hopefully these will fit a man's size 12(UK)

And the last of this bunch

ladies6/7UK size. PoshYarn Lei - Merino/bamboo (I think - I've lost the ball band). Lovely Summery colour and the bamboo gives quite a light feel.


Auntie Noo said...

Doesn't seem like many/any are for you? They are all lovely tho'

Gillian said...

Great summer output. I love the tweedy yarn of the first pair.
Cheers Gillian