Too Many Bags? Too many Cakes?

A girl can't have too many. Bags, that is. I think I've said it before.

At the moment crochet is my thing and I love making bags so to combine the two is perfect joy for me!

Do you like this one?



It's the Mini Messenger Bag made from 2 balls of Noro Silk Garden colour 275, 5mm hook and lined with some lovely Viyella from my fabric stash.

And this?


I made it to go with this outfit


It is House of Hemp Expressions 2ply - pure hemp that I bought ages ago at Ally Pally to make a knitted modular style of cardigan. I bought some of the same yarn in shades of red/pink/burgundy to make a sideways knitted waistcoat thingy but the instructions were so vague that I decided it was beyond me, especially as the "pattern" was one size and that was enormous for me. So all of this hemp will be used in other ways and this bag is the first.

I used a 3.75 mm hook with the yarn doubled.

I made it to go with the skirt etc above for last weeks Christening. Due to chicken pox and the vicar only two instead of four of my grandchildren were baptised so the other two will be done later - tba.

But we all enjoyed a party afterwards - especially these lovely cakes that Kate had made.




Auntie Noo said...

I really do love the bags, and those cakes are exquisite.

Anonymous said...

Those cakes are amazing! And the bags are pretty too - especially the second one. I know what you mean about HofH patterns, I bought a kit at Ally Pally last year and somehow ended up with two patterns, but both of them looked as though they'd been written by someone who'd seen a knitting pattern once, a long time ago, and couldn't really remember how it went. I think I'm going to make up my own pattern for the yarn. Sometime. Or I might just weave with it instead.

Maureen said...

Those cupcakes are beautiful!! I'm guessing the baker must be related to you. Talented mother, talented daughter. :)